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Skating in London

The London Friday Night Skate is a ten to fifteen mile street skate around London, every Friday (hence the name). The Sunday Stroll is a similar event each Sunday at 2pm.

We use different routes  each time – one day we might take in famous central London roads and sights, another time we’ll head for some long fast down hills in Camden or Putney, or even a trip to the countryside out at Barnes.

The traffic is made aware of the skate as it passes by our volunteer marshals (on skates), and we even have a portable sound system on a bicycle.

We operate all year-round, subject to weather. Each Friday at 5pm we announce on our homepage whether the LFNS is going ahead or not. Likewise, we announce on Sunday at 11am whether the Sunday Stroll is happening that day.
We are not a protest group! We’re nothing to do with any political organisation, we’re not environmental protesters, and we’re not Critical Mass..

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  1. Hi Roggie. Recently the blue box on the home page for Friday night skate has been a week ahead of what it should be. ie today 1st Feb it has Sunday Stroll for the 3rd and Friday night for the 8th. I think it corrects itself when you call go or rained off. Cheers

    • Hi Phil,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Yes this is the way the site handles things when there is no skate planned for “today” – it shows the next skate as next week instead. Probably could be explained better, but it is a pretty rare state of events. 🙂

  2. Hi there
    I am looking for information about any Rollerblading marathons in European Cities. I have already taken part in Berlin and Koblenz events and would love to do some more.
    Has anyone got any information?

    • Hi Ruth – the marathon season has just about finished for the year, but in general there is one roller marathon a month during the summer in various cities around Europe. Maybe best to Google for roller marathon – Goodwood is the UK venue, and Berlin is perhaps the most popular.

  3. Hiiiii,

    Desperately wanted to attend one of these for ages now! Not sure if my skating is good enough though…

    Quick question, if you fall over will they wait for you to be picked up or will you be left?



    • Hey Sophia,

      Waiting for fallen skaters is not an issue. All we ask is that everyone can stop, turn and control their speed safely, and be able to keep up with the main group: On Sunday Strolls the vast majority of new skaters are fine with this provided they have reasonable equipment. If in doubt, why not try the Easy Saturday Skate first. http://www.easysaturdayskate.com/

  4. I’ve been at 3 events so far, but gave up because the bad quality of the asfalt, simply impossible to have fun!! would you guys try another routes maybe??

  5. Hi

    Me and my younger brother (11 years old) will be in London this weekend. I’m thinking about to go with him together to that Friday night skate. How fast are you guys go, would it be possible for him to hold the speed or should we go on Sunday skate?


    • Hi Roma

      This Friday is a special 17 mile long good friday skate which we will do in 3 hours. This is going to be difficult for many of our Friday night regulars (especially as the second stop is temptingly near our favourite pub) so I wouldn’t recommend this for your brother unless he can easily sustain a pace of 12-15 mph for three hours. Sunday will be more family friendly and he may find this more enjoyable.

  6. I’m a skating fanatic back home and am coming to London in April. I’ll stay in a hotel in Camden but would like more info on the circuits you plan to do in next month, please.


    • Hello Alistair

      We write new routes all the time, so we won’t know where we are going until the week before. However, to give you an indication of where we are going why look through our old routes on the site.

      Look forward to seeing you on the skate

  7. Hi, i met a few people from your club on Sunday evening at the Victoria pub.
    I would like to take part in your events but my skates are back home in Finland.
    Where can i hire skates for (Friday and Sunday)?
    Is there any other info i need to join in?
    Can I just come along?

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