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Do you enjoy the street skates? Let us know what excites and enthuses you about them. And if there are things you don’t like, please feel free to tell us about them too.

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  1. Hi guys! I can not find the info regarding Music Box building anywhere. Mick (the music box builder) told us that there was some info on your web site. Anyone can help me? I already logged myself on your facebook, but I think I am missing something! Thanks for your help! Maite & Dani (from Barcelona).

  2. Hey all new to London! Will be starting to learn to skate soon! In the meantime how would I go about riding the music box bike at your skates as I am a good cyclist and would like to get involved with your skates! 🙂

    • Hey thanks for the offer, unfortunately our music bike had to move house – now it lives so far from central London that it only comes out to play on special occasions. If nayone knows of a locakable garage we could borrow in central London we would love to move it back and use it more regularly 🙂

  3. Hi, I am a former London resident and now live in Hobart Tasmania. I would love any advice you could give on how to start a similar skate community in Hobart to the LFNS…

    many thanks,

    • Hey we wish you lots of luck!! Not sure what the law says about street skating down under – but assuming its ok, have a word with your local police to let them know what you are planning and show them you are a sensible bunch of people that won’t cause any problems. How many people do you think would skate together on one night?

  4. Hey there, i’ve ALWAYS wanted to join you guys, watched with envy everytime!
    So is the next skate on the 21st is that still goinv on, and is there a fee?

  5. I’m not a hater of roller skaters being on the roads, but actually find it encouraging being a novice myself.

    But there are some idiots within the group on sunday 09/09/12 who may have changed my view on this.

    As I was driving by I was vigilant there maybe one or two who stroll on to the other side of the road, but when one blatantly turns on the wrong side of the road on a turning, with an island clearly seperating the left and right lanes, on to on coming traffic (me) that is damn right dangerous. If I had not been alert they would have ended up on my bonnet.

    Almost immediately after, knowing the potential hazards, I slow right down leaving the car to roll at snail pace, allowing the roller bladers to pass by safely. But yet some idiot knocks and smashes my wing mirror who then fails to stop leaving me fuming in anger.

    There’s proably not much I or you can do about it now, but if this continues its just a matter of time someone seriously gets hurt.

  6. Hello,

    I’m enquiring on behalf of a charity. We’d love to explore ways of fundraising through a skating event. It’s such an energetic and dynamic activity, we think it might be the perfect way of getting people interested in our cause!

    Please could someone get in touch with me when they get a moment, I’d really appreciate it.

    Thank you!


  7. Hi – i go always on Fridays when i can – but heard that there is a wednesday evening session as well. Is that happening, when and where is the meeting? Thank, Gabor

  8. Keep off the pavements.

    To the fool in your group tonight (I’m assuming that it was your group) who decided that it was OK to skate on the pavements, I can tell you that it’s not. I was out walking and to have someone appear from nowhere and shoot past you at who knows what speed is very scary.

    I may be 6ft3in and 17stone. I would probably have stayed upright and the idiotic bitch (it was a woman, sorry to you other ladies) would probably have been knocked to the ground and badly injured.

    As for me, it would almost certainly have detached the retina in my left eye that surgeons have been working hard for the last 6 weeks to keep in place. During that time, I’ve had 6 procedures and 4 follow up appointments. It leaves me uneasy walking across the road but to have an idiot skater on the pavements is too much. I am very badly shaken up.

    Please enjoy your skating. Keep it safe for yourself but also for everyone else.

    • We’re very sorry to hear you had this bad experience. We always ask our participants to stay off the pavements. We will reinforce the message, as we do at the start of each skate, that we skate on the roads, not the pavements.

  9. Would you be kind enough to let me know if the Olympic Ceremony Commitee is still looking for roller-skater? Thanks in advance…

    • Hi Claire,

      Don’t see any reason why not, provided you can keep up and manage safely in the pack. If you’re bringing children on scooters please remember they need to be supervised by an adult able to take them home if they get tired.


    • It takes around 2 hours, so we should get back to the park around 4pm. After that, there is the Easter Egg & Spoon race from 4:30 – 6pm, and then the East Bunny Party. Details are on this website.

  10. Hi, I’m a Canadian exchange student in Brussels. I will be in London from march 16th to 18th. I would like to participate in the LFNS, but my inline skates are in Canada. Is there a way I could borrow or rent skates for cheap? My size is 7-7 1/2 in UK (8 – 8 1/2 in Canada). I started rollerblading when I was a paperboy. The route was faster that way. Of course I did some roller hockey and I also liked street (extreme) roller.

    Also, if there are people meeting up before/after the skate, I would like to meet some locals to talk, drink and spend a good time!



    • Hello Fred,

      There’s a shop not too far from the start of the skate called Blueroom where you can hire skates @ £10 per day. Once the skate is completed we will be heading not far from Hyde Park for refreshments.

      See you next week.


  11. Hey, am keen to give LFNS a try but not skated since I gave up teaching skiing over 12 years ago. Does anyone do tuition so that I can get a basic level of competence before attending? Couple of hours private lessons be great. I did post on the FB page but it seems to have not come up/been deleted and a bit tight for time to trawl all the forums. Any links appreciated.

    If you can point me in the direction of someone be most appreciated. Thanks


  12. Hi, The Sunday Skate is great fun for all young and old alike but what happened on Sunday, 18th September? Quite a number of people turned up including some from Birmingham! I personally had already left home by the time the skate was called off as I live in Sussex. I even noticed a number of marshals’ had shown up as the skate wasn’t called off until after 12 noon so a lot of disappointed skaters! As for rain there were a few spots but nothing to right home about! So please if you are going to call the skate off can it be done a little earlier?
    However overall great organization and great fun!
    Best Wishes,

    • As I’m sure you can imagine, we put a lot of effort into organising each route, and we don’t call them off lightly. Some days the weather call is more difficult than others – hey if it was that easy to get it right every time, everyone would simply check the Met office website a few days before and turn up or not based on that. As it happened, there was heavy rain in London around 5 – 5:30, so we were an hour or too out on the weather call.

      Anyhow, we called it off as soon as we could, given the circumstances. You might like to subscribe to our twitter feed, and configure your twitter settings so you get an SMS as soon as we make the weather call. Its a great service and we can’t recommend it enough. All the best, LFNS.

  13. Hi,
    I’ve been to three Sunday Strolls now and love them more every time – thanks so much for organising them 🙂 They’re an amazing mix of people, great energy, music, London and skating, of course.

    I am also already looking forward to the Halloween and Santa Skate. Since I plan to travel for Xmas, I wanted to check if you perhaps already have the date for the latter so that I could book my travel and make sure I can make the skate.

    Many thanks in advance,

  14. Hi there,
    I write for The Sun newspaper on health, fitness and slimming and would like to feature your website on my page next Monday. Please would you be kind enough to email me over a high res, colour pic of a someone roller skating or anything that you think might work.
    Many thanks.
    Nicki Waterman

  15. On Friday qhe 16th I´m visiting London with my friend and a friend of us.
    They want to join in the night ride on friday.
    But i´m not prepared to join you.
    Is there any possibility to join you riding a bike?
    This way I could follow you, or the only way is rollerskating?
    The ride on Sunday is it for beginners or I need a good level ?
    I watched your last video and you´re too fast for me .

  16. Hello,

    I will be visiting London soon and am interested in attending the Sunday Stroll on May 1st. Would you be able to suggest any place to hire skates? I prefer the quad style ones. Thank you!


    • You can hire skates at Slick Willies on Gloucester Road or Club Blue Room at Marble Arch. I’m not personaly aware whether you can hire quads but you may find inlines easier on the rough road surfaces of London

      • Thank you for the information. The Blue Room does offer quads which I’m more familiar with but I’m also more familiar with skating in rinks – haven’t done roads since I was a child. Will check it all out tomorrow to see if I’m up for it. Thanks again for replying!


  17. Hi, I have a fews questions regarding the lessons provided on the 23rd of April. Firstly, will we be provided one-to-one tuition or will it be in a group? Secondly, do you have skates for hire as I currently do not own a pair and would like to give it a try. Finally, would we need to book places for this event?

    Many thanks, Rithu.

    • Hi Rithu
      I’m not one of the instructors but I think I can answer your questions:
      a) It will be group tuition
      b) You can hire skates from either Slick Willies on Gloucester Road or Club Blue Room at Marble Arch
      c) No need to book, just turn up and look for the people in pink, by the Boathouse

  18. Hi its March 20th Wednesday and was wandering if there will be a skate tongiht. i really want to go….their website shows a pending route and if you knwo there is a skate tongiht please let me know. Cheers

  19. Dear fellow skaters,
    do you know where a **good** pair of inline skates can be bought in london? Possibly italian skates, e.g. rollerblade, roxa, etc..
    I’ve been to Decathlon, but all they have a real beginners skates of some unknown brands…

  20. Having just read the call for the easter parade – I wonder which of you guys is going to
    wear their ‘bunny ears, fluffy tail and provocative but empowering bunny-girl(boy) costume’?

  21. Hello,

    My name is Nathalie and i come from Belgium. I have a little question about the annual EasterSkate Eggstravaganza. Do you already know when it takes place (date+hour+place)? And do you know where i can find information about this event on your website (or when there will be information available for 2011)?

    Thank you very much,

    Kind regards,

  22. Who wrote that twaddle in the latest WoW. Tell you what I think about it – BLOODY FANTASTIC!!!!!!
    a great piece of writing about ghouls and beasties, really funny, cheered up my day no end. Put yourself forward to a publishing house – a career beckons after skating or during, bril

  23. Hi,

    Is there any possibility to hire rollerblades and protective gear for the LFNS, that can be picked up just before the event and dropped off after the event (on same night)?

    I have done LFNS before, but now coming from a different city, so I don’t want to carry skates.


  24. Hey Skaters,

    I’ve been to the last Sunday stroll to Richmond Park, I loved the ride and the big photo of all of us. i’d be really grateful if you could send it to me via email.


    • Sorry the photo is too big for us to email very easily, but you could download it – or any photos from the slideshows on our website – from Flickr.
      Just click on the photo and then the “info” in the top right corner, then click on the photo name, and finally click on the button marked “All sizes”.

      The photos are copyright of the individual photographer but provided it’s for personal use most probably won’t mind.

    • Some people come on quads (what most people mean when they say ‘Roller Skates’). Some people turn up on bikes, skateboarders, inline Nordic skiers etc – all we say is, please be mindful of the people around you. For safety reasons we might ask you to follow behind the rear marshal instead of mixing it with the body of the skate

  25. Hi skaters,

    We are artists/filmakers and would like to film you all skating around the city one Friday night. We are thinking of mounting a small video camera on a bike, we will be very careful and ride behind you all, near the rear marshalls.

    Is this OK? Any questions/comments? Please let us know!

    Thanks 🙂

    Suki and Andy

    • Hi Sukichan,

      Good to meet you yesterday.

      We have put some wheels in motion and contacted the LondonSkate people to tell them what your wanting to do.

      Here is a vid that a marshal took with his helmet camera, not great but may give you some ideas.

      [youtube xo_8A76FfZg]

  26. Hi Skaters,

    This is ameena – I come out on the sunday stroll with my wheelchair/powertrike when it’s warm enough for me. Hopefully make it out again soon.

    The other thing I do on Sundays is play samba and my group is looking for some roller skaters to come out with us at Notting Hill Carnival. Can you let me know how I can get in touch to send more information?

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