First aid

Some of our volunteers provide first aid cover during as many of the skates as possible. But more trained First Aiders are always welcome. If you can help out, bring your first aid kit and introduce yourself to the marshals at the start of the skate..

2 thoughts on “First aid

  1. Hi guys, I’d like to join but I am not very good at stopping when going downhill if there’s a high gradient. Do you think that should still be ok? I saw on another website that said I shouldn’t attend if I can’t stop properly going downhill : ) thanks, J

    • Hi

      We do advocate that skaters should be able to stop, turn and control their speed on an incline in order to participate safely. If you’re unsure of your ability come to the Sunday Stroll first (2pm Sunday), bring flip flops and an oyster card in case you need to drop off. Most likely you’ll be fine.

      Friday routes do involve sprints, rough surfaces and steeper inclines, so not the best place to start if unsure.


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