If you’ve made a video of one of our events and uploaded it to a web site like YouTube or Vimeo, you can add it to our site simply by putting a link to your video into a comment on our site.

For a full list of the video hosting sites that we support, see this page.
To add the video, post a comment containing a URL linking to your video. Please add your comment to the relevant route page.

6 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Hello,

    Saturday 29th May 2010, the world rollerblading champion entered the Guinness Book of record by executing an incredible jump form the first floor of the Eiffel Tower ( 12 meters) and being intercepted in the highest quarter pipe ever constructed (30 meters height ) ! An amazing jump in front of more than 180 000 persons that came to support the champion !
    You can find the official video of the jump below
    [youtube ArjfHI4ODC0]

    Have a nice day,


  2. MUSIC

    I use music from who will allow their music to be downloaded and used for free in our kind of video. i.e. for a not profit making organisation.

    All they ask is that their site is mentioned in the credits along with the track name, fair enough. There’s some very “corporate presentation” stuff on the site, but plenty of very usable stuff too. Just have a little patience, listen to the previews find something suitable and add to your sound track. This way the likes of YouTube will NEVER remove your music soundtrack.

  3. Here’s an example: The important part of the comment is the name of the video hosting website, in this case youtube, plus the video ID number, width and height. So in full it’s :

    youtube Zow2F3ri3A0 600 475

    Note that the whole lot needs to be wrapped in square brackets to take effect.

    [youtube Zow2F3ri3A0 600 475]

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