“I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered.”
— Number 6

Cookies and EU Law

This website uses cookies to help you log into the website, and for integration with Facebook, YouTube and other third party sites. We also use a collection of Javascript files for our menus and maps. Although we do not do this, cookies and Javascript could also be used to track your activity on websites. To comply with the new EU “Cookie Law” about tracking user activity, our website respects the Privacy settings configured in your browser. So if you tell your browser you don’t want this website, or websites in general, to track your web activity, we will honor those settings. This is how you tell us you want to “opt-out” and prevent this website or any third party software on this website from storing cookies on your computer.

Using this option in your browser may prevent our maps and menus from working properly. Also, Google’s Chrome browser does not have this option, so using the Chrome browser with this site implies you consent to cookies being stored by us on your computer.

Ironically, providing you with the option to hide the cookie law warning bar at the bottom of this site means we need to store a cookie on your computer – the cookie tells us if you want to hide the bar or not. To remove that cookie, click here [delete_cookies].

Please get in touch if you have feedback abut this aspect of our website.

Your email address
We take your data privacy seriously. When you register on this site we do not add your name to any of our mailing lists.

When you sign up to our Week on Wheels list, the information you provide will be used by the Marshals Association to mail you information about the LFNS and Sunday Stroll, and related skating news.

We don’t sell or share our email lists with “partner organisations” – or anybody else – nor do we send you “carefully targeted information from third parties”. You can unsubscribe at any time: instructions are sent with each email (or click here). Once you have unsubscribed, your name and email address are removed from our system.

Feedback you send us
Feedback sent through our web site to us may be published on our web site or in our newsletter.

Feedback you send via email will be read by marshals (we are the marshals …) but won’t be otherwise distributed unless you say that’s OK.

Browsing patterns
Every computer on the Internet has an IP address – this is assigned by your ISP. When your computer accesses our web site, we record your IP address and some details sent by your web browser (in technical terms, the User-Agent string). There is no personal information in this data. We use it to identify broad trends in patterns of site access, and for fixing technical problems when they arise. This information is expired automatically when no longer needed, and is not shared with anyone else.

In some environments, there may be a firewall or proxy server between your computer and ours which has the effect of hiding your IP address. In these cases, the request may appear to come from the proxy server and cause us to log its IP address rather than yours.

We live in England. This means we are governed by English law, and will make exceptions to this policy if so required by law enforcement agencies..

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